QUINLAN, TX – On Kaitlyn and Bret’s wedding day at The White Sparrow Barn, the weather forecast called for pouring rain all afternoon and into the evening. I expected rain boots, puddles, and an umbrella in hands of every guest. While heavy rain did fall for most of the afternoon, when it stopped that evening […]

Emotion-filled Wedding at The White Sparrow Barn | North Texas Wedding Photography

Jul 23, 2017

HOLLAND, MICHIGAN – When I first spoke to Emily last fall, she and her new fiancé Patrick had just began planning their wedding in Holland, Michigan. She described a darling white chapel, a modern industrial reception venue, and a memorable celebration filled with meaning and good times for all! This spring their wedding day vision […]

Joyful Wedding in Holland, Michigan | Destination Wedding Photography

Jul 12, 2017

PLANO, TX – Chloe and Ian met during high school in their hometown in Pennsylvania, but it wasn’t until they were both home from college on break that they reconnected and started dating. As they say, the rest is history! Now engaged, they’ve made Fort Worth, Texas their home along with Clark, the sweet pup […]

Coffee Shop Engagement in Downtown Plano | Dallas Engagement Photography

Jul 11, 2017

Ethereal, adjective: extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. There is no better way to describe Kaitlyn’s bridal portraits at The White Sparrow Barn. Now that Kaitlyn and Bret have officially tied the knot at this gorgeous venue, it is my pleasure to share with you her stunning portraits! […]

Ethereal Bridal Portraits at The White Sparrow Barn | North Texas Wedding Photography

Jul 8, 2017

When it comes to photographing rainy wedding days, my mantra is: don’t stress. The weather is one thing that is completely out of our control, but if you take the time to plan and prepare, you can make even the rainiest wedding photos some of the most romantic and timeless. Here are five tips for […]

5 Tips for Photographing Rainy Wedding Days

Jun 13, 2017

As entrepreneurs, we wear a lot of different hats. We’re artists, accountants, social media strategists, editors, web designers, and those are just the hats we wear before lunch. If anything, running a creative business is an adventure and one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned on my journey is that we don’t have to […]

How Honeybook Streamlined My Workflow

Jun 6, 2017